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Dairy industry

Dairy industry,
butter and cheese manufacture
Necessity using ozonator "orion-si" in dairy industry  
Milk is known to be an advantageous medium for food-borne infections and microbes. The quality of dairy products depends mainly on disinfection of manufacturing capacities and processing equipment.

Traditional methods, namely of thermal and chemical disinfection (chloride lime, sodium hypochloride) have a number of weak points, the latter comprising great consumption of biologically pure water, tangible power consumption, ecological insecurity.

Ozone application allows to meet the sanitary regulations set for a dairy enterprise within a short period of time. Nowadays ozone treatment is widely used as an effective means of dry disinfection and sterilization of the equipment and production facilities at food industry enterprises.
Ozonator OP1-V ensures disinfection and sterilization of:
  • the air in production facilities of dairy plants;
  • the facilities in inoculation and kefir corns transportation sections;
  • auxiliary service facilities at the enterprise;
  • storage rooms and cold-storage chambers;
  • sour cream and cottage cheese production equipment;
  • the equipment in cheese-making shopfloors;
  • the milking machines and milk pump components;
  • pasteurizers;
  • chill tanks for milk storage, sour cream baths, cans; truck tanks;
  • manufacturing capacities and piping, etc.