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Other spheres of application

Fur production, grain
Fur production  
Ozone eliminates mold formation and rot as appeared during storage of wet and salty skins. Besides, ozone promotes sterile storage of dry and salty fur materials and finished products.
Ozone kills all flying moths
The success of moth elimination in the raw material base lies in:
  • equipping of all production facilities used for raw material base storage with ozonators so that to prevent moth expansion;
  • disinfection ozone treatment of raw materials delivered.
Grain, seeds, combination fodders
The ozone treatment of barley allows to destroy mold fungi and toxins, this results in the biological value upgrade and its digestion by poultry increases by 15%.

The ozone treatment of wheat corn as part of disinsectization does not cause any seed, milling and baking properties. Ozone treatment is effective for disinsectization of both dry and medium dry grain. The use of ozone-air mixture while drying grain may turn to be economically effective, since this allows to intensify moisture removal from grains.
Ozoning some seeds with ozonator "orion" raised it`s safety and safe from animal pests and rodents
No doubt that ozone treatment has great advantages over other treatment techniques, as well as:
  • produces a universal effect;
  • ensures ecological cleanness of products;
  • allows to avoid using toxic and scarce chemicals.