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Refrigerated storage

Cold storage industry
Ozonator OP1-M reduces air and equipment bacterial content, eliminates unacceptable odors, oxygenates the air
Disinfection ozone treatment of cold-storage chambers, warehouses, vegetable store cellars, as well as of the products stored in them allows the following:
  • to eliminate mold and bacteria provoking product spoilage;
  • to avoid applying chlorine substances and wet treatment;
  • to increase considerably the storage life for products without losing freshness and high nutritive substances;
  • ozone treatment of the facilities with a specific odor provides a clear deodorizing effect;
  • Basement and warehouse treatment forces out rats and mice due to their high sensitivity to ozone.
Ozone promotes to long quality maintenance of meat, fish, meat and fish products, eggs, cheese, fruit and vegetables, as well as to disinfection and deodorization of the air in cold-storage chambers, transportation vehicles, of equipment and package.
Disinfection treatment of cold-storage chambers using Ozonator OP1-M will save the trouble of thawing and further application of chlorine substances, as well as other means of wet disinfection.

Ozone treatment of cold-storage chambers allows to eliminate the product odor during chamber refilling within less than an hour.

This treatment ensures disinfection of all auxiliary components of the chambers, such as trays, grills, hooks, etc.

Disinfection of cold-storage chambers is one of the major hygienic measures aimed at ration spoilage prevention, increase of storage life for food.
Due to its deodorant properties ozone eliminates all odors produced during protein breakdown and odors of products that have been stored in the chamber, i.e. meat, fresh and smoked fish, fishing products, cheese, eggs, fruit (apples, citrus fruit, etc.), vegetables (onion, garlic, etc.).

Regular ozone treatment allows to increase the storage life for meat, fish trunks, cheese, eggs and semi-smoked sausages in 1,5-2 times in comparison with their ordinary storage.