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Disinfection of rooms

Express-disinfection and
express-sterilization of the air medium
OZONE (O3) is the cheapest and the most ecologically sound natural disinfectant.
Ozonator Orion-Si (OP-1M)
Ozone action spectrum:
  • High bacterial growth-inhibitory activity (including gram-positive and gram-negative flora);
  • Tuberculicidal activity;
  • Sporocidal activity (including B anthracis);
  • Virucidal activity (including parenteral hepatitis, AIDS, SARS viruses, other hydrophilic and lipophilic virus infections);
  • Fungicidal activity (Candida species, tricophyton).
O3 concentration at the outlet:
no less than 250 mg of O3/m3
Maximum capacity: min 6 g/h
Electric power supply:
220 V, 70 W
Dimensions: 25x20x12 cm
Weight: 3,5 kg
Warranty period: 2 years
(then aftersales service)
Application of ozonator Orion-Si (OP1-M) in a medical treatment facility ensures:
  1. Espress-disinfection and express sterilization of the air: in surgery blocks, rooms for medical procedures and surgical dressing rooms, intensive care unit of a hospital and critical care unit, general purpose facilities.
  2. Preventive treatment and depression of a cross infection.
  3. Decontamination of the air in the departments of: surgery, purulent surgery urinology, proctology, obstetric, gynecology departments, neonatology department, intensive care unit of a hospital and critical care unit, etc.
Express-disinfection of clinic's operational rooms.
Average duration of treatment by means of ozonator "Orion-Si":
Operational room "clean surgery"
20-40 m2
15-30 min
Operation room "purulent sugery"
20-40 m2
30-60 min
Maternity hospital
20-40 m2
15-30 min
Rooms for medical procedures and surgical dressing rooms
10-15 m2
15-20 min
10-20 m2
10-15 min
5-10 m2
20-30 min
Ozonators made by Orion-Si LLC for the purposes of disinfection and sterilization of the environment in a medical treatment facility provides for time saving and financial savings of costs with regard to energy, antibiotic drugs and chemical disinfectants.
The world's medicine faces a great problem, i.e. cross infection (virulent diseases afflicting patients and medical staff).

Among the exciting causes of the cross infections there may be most pathogenic germs and microorganisms considered to be 'conditionally pathogenic' for a human body. The moment any cross infection arises, the hospital turns into a hazard area for the whole adjacent territory.

Ozone (spread with the help of ozonator Orion-Si) ensures minimization of the cross infection nascency and reduction of expenses incurred in connection with cure of the infection effects.

Thus, ozone (O3) treatment is offered to be used for the purposes of sanitary treatment of some particular departments of a clinic, maternity hospital, outpatient hospital, etc.