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OZONE THERPEUTICS can help in cases where other medicines are on no use. Century international practice of ozone treatment proved its high efficiency level.
Ozone therapeutics of the human body produces antibacterial, stimulatory and oxygenating effect on different biological tissues. As long ago as 1915 A. Wolf (Germany) used ozone for local irrigation while curing fistulas, decubitis, stasis ulcers, hard-to-heal wounds and osteomyelitis.   Portable (weight 3 kg) ozonator OP1-M Orion-Si with a kit of attachments can be used both in a surgical dressing room and in a ward. This is of special importance while treating the patients in grave state with numerous injuries hindering patient transportation. Ozonator Orion-Si can be applied both in outpatient hospitals and domiciliary.
Among the major sectors of the medical clinic where the ozonator found application are:
  1. All types of burns on extremities and other body areas.
  2. All types of cutaneous ulcer: trophic ulcer (glycemic gangrene), psoriasis, decubiti.
  3. Severe septic wound, fistulas, including purulent and septic implications in postoperating period and wounds accompanying open fractures of extremities.
  4. Fungus disease of the extremities.
  5. Ozone therapeutics as part of medical practice aimed at curing hepatitises, AIDS, blood infection, hemorrhoidal syndrome, large gut malfunction, etc. (by means of intraintestinal insufflation).
  6. Ozone therapeutics ("flow method") is used in gynecology.
  7. Ozone therapeutics in dermatovenerologic dispensary activities.
  8. Ozone therapeutics in rehabilitation and recreation complexes.
Attachments "KOLOKOL"
Treatment of surgical sutures, septic wounds, purulent fistulas, syrinxes, decubitis, local sores, etc.
Special attachments
  • proctology - ozone treatment of syrinxes, haemorrhoids, rectal fissures, surgical sutures, curing of mucous tissue inflammation, etc;
  • gynecology - ozone treatment of genital infections (including venereology), adnexitis, colpitis, cervical erosion, etc;
  • urinology - ozone treatment of urinary tracts and urinary bladder. Treatment of cystitises and urinary bladder. Treatment of cystitises and urethritises, urinary bladder diseases (prostates, tumors, syrenxes), etc.
Medical treatment chambers for curing the extremities; "hand-foot", "arm-leg".
Primary application area:

  • all types of burns, freezing injuries;
  • septic wounds, fistulas, syrinxes;
  • trophic ulcers of various causation;
  • eczemas of various causation;
  • varicosity of the lower extremities, etc.;
  • gaseous and glycemic gangrene.
As against antibiotic and ointment treatment, ozone allows to reduce the terms and costs.
Ozone therapeutic overalls (the novelty in the history of ozone therapeutics).
Healing of sores: psoriasis, burns, decubiti, recreational procedures, weight correction, etc.

Having been used in dermology and cosmetology (Germany, Austria, the USA, Russia) for forty years, ozone proved to be an effective means having a positive effect on human body state. Ozone is associated with immunological status improvement, arterial pressure normalization, abolition of celltilitis and obesity, management of skin slackness. It is the most effective cure for psoriasis, different skin diseases, it ensures tuberculosis and AIDS suppression.