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Brief introduction

Ozon (ОЗ) application in medicine.

The world's scientific research works (100-150 years) proved that ОЗ is one of the strongest natural oxidants. Due to high chemical activity ozone is the best and the most reliable means used to destroy bacterial and fungus floras as against other oxidants (chloride, etc.).

Ozon is the best and the most reliable means to destroy bacterial and fungus floras

The first medical ozone generator was made in 1857 by W. Siemens (the founder of Siemens company). This year the first bacteriologic tests of ozone influence on pathogenic germs were carried out. A century later, in 1957 I. Hansler (Germany) offered the world medical ozone generator (Ozonosan company) designed for ОЗ production from the oxygen supplied (oxygen tank).

Application of ozon technologies provides high economic and curative effect.

Numerous works devoted to ОЗ therapy were written by the national and foreign authors since the end of the XX century. The first sources describing ОЗ use for stab and gun wound treatment appeared during the First World War. In 1935 Prof. Erwin Paster (Austria) published his work "Ozone treatment in surgery". Dentist E.A. Fish described his extensive experience in ОЗ use in medicine. Several medical clinics using ozone therapeutics were established in Germany before the Second World War. But the war seems to destroy all collected data and technologies concerning ОЗ application in medicine. The creation of modern ozone therapeutics is the achievement of a great number of the word-level scientists.

Ozon technologies are progressive present and future in express-disinfection and express-sterilization in practical medicine.

Creation of antibiotics forced out ozone therapeutics from medicine for 60-70 years. Such a delay in ozone technology implication was also caused by lack of ozone-resistant materials (polymer substances, plastic materials), as well as by large dimensions of the devices - ozone generators.
However the development of antibiotic industry put medicine to great expenses. The sector of antibiotic substances can not meet the virulence of bacterial flora, the appearance of new viruses and bacterial carriers.
This forgot technology (ozone), lost natural disinfectant (ozone), natural medicine against bacterial flora require today additional investigations, so that to develop new methods of application, to assess true perspectives of ozone technology implementation in practical medicine.