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Fishing industry

Fishing industry,
fish processing
Ozone treatment (0,6 mg/m3) of stored fish provides for mold, yeasts and bacteria destruction within 30-60 minutes, the storage life for fish being increased 1,2-1,6 time.
It is used in fishing industry at every stage of process flow beginning with fish scaling and splitting up to its canning. Ozone treatment is regarded to be an effective means of product sterilization without any additives during its canning. Both the product and packing for canning are treated with ozone. A single treatment of the semi-finished fish products (carcasses, fish fillet, chopped articles) with ozone in the concentration of 4,5-5 mg/m3 provides for their better storage in 3-4 months at the temperature of -18°C.

The ozonator is used in the fishing industry for the following purposes:
  • disinfection treatment of tanks
  • young fish farming;
  • sterilization of cold-storage chambers in the caviar storage.
Ozonator OP1-M will help you:
  • to sterilize the equipment, deodorize and disinfect the air on board and in the
  • transportation vehicle;
  • to increase considerably the storage life for perishable goods during their transportation;
  • to reduce greatly mold spore and yeast fungus content in the air of your enterprise shop floors;
  • to destroy saprogenic bacteria causing product spoilage;
  • to eliminate an unacceptable odor in the cold-storage chambers;
  • to sterilize the equipment installed in shop floors, tanks, tools and package.