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Poultry industry

Poultry industry
and poultry processing
Ozone has found industrial application in all segments of poultry indus­try. Ozone treatment of hatching eggs allows to reduce 5-8 times the bacterial content on the shell, the hatching reaching 85%.

The storage life for market eggs increases to 8 months (without losing their nutritive properties).

Chickenfeed ozone treatment also insures an increase in their storage life.
The purpose of ozone treatment
Ozone treatment time
Ozone treatment rate
The object of ozone treatment procedure
Preventive disinfection of eggs before incubation

60 min

Once before eggs setting

Disinfection cabinet (sealed cabinet)

Disinfection of eggs during incubation

30 min

In 6 h after setting, then once a week

Incubator house (setters)

Increase in the storage life for hatching eggs

2-3 h

Daily, once a day

Egg-handling plant equipped with a fan

Embryonic development stimulation

20 min

Once a day during the whole setting period

Incubator house (setters)

Disinfection of the air in the poultry yard
5-10 min
2-3 times a day
Poultry ward with poultry
General disinfection of chickenfeed
6-8 h
Once, immediately after setting
Grain storage
Cleanness control in the grain storage
1-2 h
Daily, once a day
Grain storage

Poultry product treatment

10-15 min

Daily, 2-3 times a day

Egg-handling plant, refrigerator

Ozonator "Orion" OP1-M ensures:

  • Maximum safety of poultry products: eggs and poultry carcass;
  • Increase in the storage life for hatching eggs during incubation, simulation of bird's embryonic development;
  • Disinfection of the incubator facilities;
  • Disinfection of feedstuff storages, etc.